When we hear the word startup we envision the stock photo of the smiling young latte drinking entrepreneurs, surrounded by charts and graphs in a lavish studio office. The reality is often very different than that image.

In our experience Startups come in three categories:

  • Necessity collides with passion. In this case a layoff or another life changing experience collides with a passion and a business is born.

  • Passion grows to the point of choice. In this case the side job (gig) has come to the point where you can no longer balance the gig with the day job and a decision is made.

  • An Entrepreneur is launched. Some people have always had the entrepreneurial gene and when the time is right will burst into the market.

The one thing all of these people will have in common is the need for leadership and development, that edge that facilitates and expands the capacity of individuals to perform, delegate and meet personal and businesses goals.