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Large or small, startups or existing businesses; there comes a time when just about any business can benefit from an objective, informed, and insightful view of a trained business professional.

From entrepreneurs who need resource and launch assistance to established businesses who want to expand and improve performance a consultant can help you put things in perspective, overcome challenges, increase profits and broaden your vision.

Organizational Concepts, Inc. is just the right size to assure that you receive the personal attention of a small company and the expertise of any major consultation firm in the Raleigh area. Our lead consultants are trained, educated, and experienced in all facets of business, most possessing masters degrees. The company has its core workforce of consultants and support staff at the ready and draws any additional human resources needed from a seasoned group of trained business professionals.

As a current business owner or prospective business owner, you can’t afford not to have the expertise you need to succeed. Most times people are surprised to see just how cost effective a consultant is. Consultants are paid for the time they spend with you and your business needs; no benefits, payroll or employee issues, just the expertise you need, when you need it.

For example: Though comprehensive organizational initiatives can require extensive work and cost thousands in 2012 the median fee for services was under $500.00.

With Organizational Concepts initial consultation is always free.

Consultants provide services on a contractual basis; that is, they work and are paid based on a prearranged agreement between the consultant and the customer. However, there are no binding contracts that dictate the length or depth of the work to be done. At any time a customer feels that they are no longer in need of services, they are free to discontinue them.

With Organizational Concepts initial consultation is always free.

Organizational Concepts, Inc. has its philosophy based in customer service, accessibility, and availability. As a customer you will have continued access to your consultant via telephone, mobile phone, e-mail and a multitude of video conferencing platforms . As Consultants and coaches we realize that access is important and we strive to provide it as needed.

No, Organizational Concepts never bills a client for initial consults. Initial consults are seen as an opportunity for you to evaluate our services and be given a good faith estimate of the work to be completed and costs involved.

Absolutely not, our list of services would be far too lengthy to provide in its entirety. Organizational Concepts is a full service business consulting group and the services we provide are extensive.

No, Organizational Concepts has a diverse customer base and business of all sizes and designs use our services. Many of our clients are just average people who are interested in starting a business and are looking for feasibility input, business set up and development. However, Organizational Concepts also supports established business, large and small, with consulting and or contractual services.

Definitely, Organizational Concepts has its roots in small business start-ups, partnerships and LLC’s. Over the past 20 years we have consistently and successfully launch weekend gigs into full time businesses and helped hobbyists become successful business people.

We take the time to analyze your concept and give you a preliminary breakdown of the costs and potential rewards of your idea. Many of our clients are surprised to see that their dream is not only a possibility but a profitable reality.

No, our services are available for profit and non-profit businesses alike. Truth be told the services Organizational Concepts provides are split about equally between profit and non-profit organizations.

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