Organizational Development is an action-oriented outcome specific act. It begins with a careful organizational analysis of the current situation and a portrayal by the owner of the business's future.

Organizational Concepts, Inc. believes in the power of assessing, designing, developing, and controlling to secure a strong prosperous future for your business. From feasibility studies to initial business plans and on to strategic growth planning we assure you are prepared to operate in an ever changing regulatory and technological environment.

Organizational Concepts has long been the leader in work at home and virtual work designs. As a result of Covid 19 businesses have been forced into remote work scenarios and are seeing the overall benefit of such a design to both the business and the worker.

Employee Business
Reduced travel time Work-life Balance
Reduction in out of pocket expenses (food, gas, vehicle wear and tear, clothing...) Focus on outcomes of a task rather than time spent at a task
Reduction in employee stress levels Data metrics easier to collect
Flexibility of work hours Business overhead greatly reduced

Through well-developed Virtual Workforce Development (VWD) initiatives business can begin to significantly lower overhead and engage workers to greater efficiencies. The use of inexpensive software applications and newly developed protocols can significantly increase workforce satisfaction and per worker outcomes while reducing facilities and administration (FA) costs.

Good planning involves many aspects of business including fiscal, environmental, human, and physical resources. For this reason, Organizational Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to a systemic approach to organizational development and stands ready to adapt to your needs.