In 1994 Stephen completed his MBA at The Milano Graduate School of Business and in 1995 followed his dream of providing professional cost effective consultation to small businesses by establishing Organizational Concepts. There wasn't much access to technology rich applications then so the company didn't have a fancy logo or even a website. In spite of a minimal marketing budget the company grew in reputation as it provided successful cost effective solutions to new businesses, existing businesses, and a number of 501c3's (non-profit organizations).

In 1996 Stephen moved his family to Eastern North Carolina where he continued to work with non-profit human service organizations, existing and startup businesses. In 2000 Organizational Concepts, Inc. was born and the companies' first website was launched. Through good and bad economic times Stephen and his team of at Organizational Concepts has provided successful support and effective solutions to small businesses throughout the North Carolina.

In 2015 Organizational Concepts planted its feet firmly in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area. The organizational vision was simple; help small business launch, rebuild and or grow after the recession.

Throughout the journey Organizational Concepts has remained dedicated to its principles:

Provide professional cost effective services that produce lasting effects on a business's bottom line

Treat all customers as partners in the process, work with them and not just for them, and always provide service excellence

Customer service, customer engagement, and customer empowerment will always be at our core

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Organizational Concepts doesn't have a large staff or an impressive address, instead it draws upon the talent it needs as it needs it from a long list of established subject area experts with a passion for helping and an aligned ideology. This approach assures we can always have the talent we need when we need it while still keeping our cost down and passing the savings on to our clients. Our consultants relish taking complex problems and providing simple to understand customer centric solutions.

We work with you not for you so when we leave you have the newfound skills you need to be independently successful.

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