Coastal is a full service stone fabricator and installer who also offers a tile showroom and slab yard located off of 20th street in Morehead City, NC.

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Whether you have the perfect project in mind or need some help realizing the potential, Coastal Countertops & Tile’s designers can help you get started in the right direction. To schedule your appointment to get started call our office at 252-247-0015.”


Once the design stage is complete, our Installation Crew will follow up with a template to confirm all final measurements prior to fabrication. This step is to ensure no changes have been made from customer supplied drawings or cabinet layouts.


After your template has been completed, our team of professional fabricators will begin preparing the material for installation. Installation is typically done 10 business days after template.

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Coastal Countertops & Tile would be more than happy to provide a FREE estimate for your countertop or tile project. Be sure to give us a call!

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We are proud of who we are:

The Coastal Crew have provided Eastern North Carolina with countertops and tile for over 10 years. Our inventory ranges from Granite, Quartz and Marble as well as recycled glass products. We have an expansive slab yard with many traditional and exotic natural stone options and carry several lines of Engineered Quartz.

We offer a complete service from free estimates to template, fabrication, and installation of each unique customer’s project.

At Coastal Countertops & Tile, we believe in quality over quantity. We are a custom style showroom, slab yard and fabrication shop. Our staff is highly trained and motivated to provide the best customer service and products we can produce. “Over the years we have grown tremendously and we owe that entirely to our team’s commitment and our wonderful customers” says Amanda & David Bell, owners of Coastal Countertops. We hope you choose Coastal when it comes to your next countertop or tile project!

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The driving force behind every one of our successful projects is our team of outstanding professions.

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A little about this person. List professional accomplishments, how many years in the business and maybe a personal hobby.

First & Last name


A little about this person. List professional accomplishments, how many years in the business and maybe a personal hobby.

First & Last name


A little about this person. List professional accomplishments, how many years in the business and maybe a personal hobby.

First & Last name


A little about this person. List professional accomplishments, how many years in the business and maybe a personal hobby.

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Coastal Countertops & Tile is a full service renovation and fabrication company serving Eastern North Carolina since 2009.

Custom Countertops for Kitchens, Baths & More

Custom Tile Backsplashes & Showers

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Coastal Countertops & Tile of Morehead City, NC keeps a large array of granite in stock in our slab yard. If you do not see the color of granite you are looking for, we can contact our suppliers to have it delivered.

    Granite is a very hard and 100% natural stone. It is mined from quarries all over the world, cut to a manageable slab size, and fabricated and tailored to your specific job needs. Granite is extremely durable, scratch, stain and heat resistant. It does require a routine sealing process. Although your countertops are installed with a protective sealant, to ensure the longevity of your stone it is important to properly maintain and seal your countertops every 12-18 months. We recommend simple non-abrasive products to keep your granite countertops clean.

    Granite is virtually scratch and stain resistant and can withstand high temperatures up to approximately 450 degrees of direct heat. To avoid stains, be sure to seal your granite countertops at least once a year. If the granite is left unsealed, its pores can open causing the material to be more susceptible to staining. You should always clean your granite after each use, especially if you place or cut food on your countertops. The easiest way to clean your countertop is to use mild soap and water, or a neutral cleaner. Be sure to never use any strong detergents or abrasive sponges.

    Coastal Countertops only orders first quality stone through reputable and reliable vendors. We offer over 600 variations and color choices for our clients which can be special ordered in addition to the wonderful supply on site that is ever changing with the routine granite deliveries coming in.

    The slab is cut as evenly as possible, and the edges as square as possible respectively. Our supplier only delivers the highest quality of granite which has been tested for stress cracks and other flaws that reduce the grade or integrity of the stone. This secondary and inferior granite many times ends up in liquidation or warehouse supply stores.


Reimagine your space with the timeless elegance of marble tiles and slabs. Every piece of marble has its own unique pattern, veining, swirls and even color. With many styles and colors to choose form, Coastal Countertops & Tile can offer you the guidance for your project.

    Both granite and marble are natural stones, meaning they can be susceptible to chipping or staining without proper maintenance. Granite is slightly more durable and less prone to stains and scratching in comparison with marble. Both marble and granite can be used outside with proper sealing and both are relatively similar in price. Cost varies with color and appearance in both materials as well.

    Marble is a terrific flooring option, it fits beautifully in a foyer, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. You can also use marble for countertops and backsplashes. Marble has a potential for staining, particularly if it comes into contact with acidic substances.

    Marble is also used for many commercial spaces and can even be installed outdoors if sealed properly.

    With the proper care, marble is very durable and will look great for years. Seal the surface with an impregnator to fill pores in the marble will protect the stone from stains and moisture absorption. Depending on the level of traffic in your home, you may need to reseal the surface every 6 to 12 months.

    Acidic substances such as fruit juice, soda, or vinegar, will discolor the marble. Be sure to wipe up any spills immediately to preserve its beauty. Marble is also susceptible to metal abrasion.


While 95% natural, countertops are manufactured by mixing ground quartz with polymer resins to form an even, stone-like look.

    Since quartz is manufactured, your project can take on a more customized look while not sacrificing that stone-like look. With granite, finding the perfect slab to exactly match your color scheme could be challenging.

    Either way, the design professionals at Coastal Countertops & Tile can help you find the perfect material for your project.

    Quartz is actually harder than many other countertop materials, in fact, it's practically indestructible. Quartz isn't porous, so spills don't have a chance to develop permanent stains and no resealing is needed periodically to maintain that perfect looking space.

    However, Quartz can be damaged by excessive heat. Heating pads are required at all times.


A distinctive quartz option that's comprised of over 60% re-purposed materials, Vetrostone a terrific eco-friendly option for any project.

    Vetrostone™ is a tough, non-porous, heat, scratch, stain and impact resistant, high-performance engineered quartz that has aesthetically and structurally "raised the bar" in residential and commercial design for over 30 years. Without the use of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), 60% re-purposed materials and 40% natural resources (by weight), Vetrostone™ is the ideal stone for its durability, strength, functionality while encapsulating the beauty of land and sea.

    Vetrostone™ surfaces yield limitless residential, commercial applications, though the most popular include: kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, tub decks, entry ways, commercial reception areas, conference and dining tables.

    If exterior applications, provided there is overhead protection. Vetrostone™ countertops are perfect for outdoor kitchens, grill tops, barbecue enclosures, vanities, and wet bars.

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